Hello, my name is Natalya Erika. My journey in the dynamic worlds of modeling, TV commercials, hosting and KOL industry has been fueled by an unwavering passion. Over the past six years, I’ve dedicated myself to modeling, three to hosting, and immersed in the TV commercial and KOL realm for over a year. In 2023 and 2024 alone, I completed 16 shoots, hosted 3 shows, starred in 7 TV commercials, and actively participated in various KOL engagements including events and sponsorships.

Building extensive connections across these sectors, I’ve realized the challenges models and talents face – from securing jobs to managing contracts and payments. It’s this understanding that led me to establish Twenty Eight Model and Talent Management.

With steadfast commitment to professionalism, clear communication, efficiency, and transparency, I aim to provide clients with a seamless model and talent selection process, ensuring the creation of exceptional campaigns that exceed expectations.

My vision for Twenty Eight Model and Talent Management is to empower not just experienced but also aspiring models and talents by providing not just opportunities, but also the tools and guidance they need to excel. I aim to cultivate a diverse, inclusive, and supportive community of twentyeighters. At Twenty Eight, we’re not just building an agency, we’re fostering a family where dreams meet opportunity, and success is shared.